MiG-21bisD for the anniversary of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering in Zagreb

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img Text and photos: Danijel Vukovic

On the early and rainy morning on Saturday 12th November 2016 decommissioned MiG-21bis was placed as a statue in the front of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Aerospace Engineering in Zagreb. On the Friday 18th November 2016 Faculy is celebrating a 60th anniversary and 21 years since Aerospace enginnering study is established in 1995. Aircraft was prepared and painted in Aeronautical Technical Center in Velika Gorica and was delivered on long vehicle with dismantled wings and elevators. It was assembled by aircraft mechanicians with the help of students and under supervision of professors Ivica Smojver, PhD and Darko Ivancevic, PhD who initiated and realised this project. The aircraft is placed on the specially prepared concrete base in the faculty's park near the main entrance where a steam machine main part is already exposed.
The aircraft is with evidence number 113 and it was an active part of the Croatian Air Force during Homeland War 1991-1995. This machine became famous and well known from the sortie during operation Storm in August 1995, when town Knin and its region in southern Croatia was liberated, when pilot Ivica Ivandic flew so low and cut tree tops to avoid enemy's radar and air defence systems. At the end, he landed succesfully with badly damaged wings and elevators which were replaced soon after. Anyway, the exposed machine has an evidence number 115 which corresponds to the decommissioned aircraft which was overhauled and upgraded in Romaniam „Aerostar“ company in 2003, after which MiG-21bisD designation was applied (D stands for Doradjeni, upgraded on Croatian) and weared Europe 1 paint scheme. The reason is that 113 orginally weared a brown-green scheme which was not so attractive, specially when painted during war time without details, in comparison with Europe 1 that are applied on „Romanian“ examples. Next step is to put an operational technical markings on the aircraft (stencils) as well as plate with the aircraft data.


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MiG-21bisD for the anniversary of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering in Zagreb



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