ВИДЕО ОТ ДНЕС : Новите оръжейни системи, интегрирани в Блок 4 F-35 Stealth Fighter

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How the 'Block' 4 F-35 Stealth Fighter Could Become A Navy Killer
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Military Times
How the 'Block' 4 F-35 Stealth Fighter Could Become A Navy Killer (And Much More)

A companion article details the major software and hardware upgrades to the F-35’s sensors, communication and propulsion systems, as well as Block 4’s troubled financial footing. Here, we’ll look at the new weapon systems due to be integrated in the Block 4 that will significantly expand the F-35’s maritime strike, air-to-ground capabilities and air-to-air lethality.

One major addition is the GBU-54/B Stormbreaker, also known as the Small Diameter Bomb II. Like the GPS-guided GBU-39 SDB I already integrated on the F-35, the 208-pound Stormbreaker is only six to seven inches in diameter, allowing eight to be stowed in the F-35’s confined internal weapon bays. If stealth is not a factor, a further sixteen can be stored on the wings.

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