Jets hit targets in Libya over weekend 21 мар 2011 | 19:14 views (1307) commentaries(0)
Danish pilots complete two “successful” no-fly zone missions

Danish F-16 fighter jets were in action over Libya on Sunday for the second time since the implementation of a no-fly zone.
Denmark has sent a total of six fighter jets, 132 ground personnel, and additional supplies to the Italian naval air station at Sigonella on Sicily to support the Nato-coordinated action to disable Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s troops and protect Libya’s civilian population.
Major Lars Cramer Larsen of the Royal Danish Defence College told public broadcaster DR that three Danish F-16s were involved in the successful, three-hour mission on Sunday night, which followed on the heels of a successful five-hour mission involving four Danish F-16s.
Codenamed ‘Odyssey Dawn’ the operation includes the participation of planes and ships from eight countries including Denmark, under an American command. French fighter jets fired the first shots in the action on Saturday.
Late Friday night in an historic vote in the Danish parliament, all of the political parties voted unanimously to support participation in the Nato military action against Gaddafi. The Defence Minister, Gitte Lillelund Bech, told Politiken newspaper that is something Denmark can be proud of.
”Apart from France, the US and Great Britain, Denmark is recognised as the country that was quickest to respond to the UN Security Council’s resolution,” she said.
Though the Nato mission is intended to protect Libyan civilians from Gaddafi’s forces, Bech warned that the action could still result in civilian losses:“Whenever military force is used, we cannot rule out civilian losses. The people we are fighting against have deliberately placed their military personnel and stations in civilian areas.”


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