Defense Minister Anguelov Speaks about the Acquisition of Multi Role Fighters for BuAF 28 мар 2011 | 12:26 views (1665) commentaries(0)
img Official Response of Defense Minister A. Anguelov to a question of Member of Parliament Mr. Vladimir Toshev (GERB Political Party) about the plans of the Ministry of Defense for the acquisition of multi role fighters for the Bulgarian Air Force.

18 March 2011

Dear Mr. Toshev,

You have noted quite correctly, that the life-cycle of the existing MIG-21 and SU-25 fighters expires next year. As for the MIG-29 fighter – it should undergo an overhaul again... Moreover the logistic support and maintenance of this type of aircraft are extremely expensive. We have launched a tender (according to the law on public procurement) in order to provide logistic support and regular inspections for the MIG 29 fighters i.e. we intend to keep them in service in the mid-term period. The deadline to submit documents for participation in this tender is 21 March 2011.

Based on the analysis prepared by the MOD, with my order, in November last year, we formed a Committee under the leadership of the Deputy Minister of Defense and an Integrated Project Team under the leadership of the Deputy Chief of the Bulgarian Air Force. The team includes Air Force specialists, lawyers, financial experts, economists and others. The Committee worked out a report for the basic operational, tactical and other requirements for the new Multi Role fighter, which were discussed at a meeting of the Defense Council recently and were approved by me.

One of the most important conclusions is that the aircraft must be operationally and technically compatible with the requirements of NATO and the European Union, and that also it must operate in the integrated defense system of NATO. Based on that report, in January 2011 a “Request for Information” letter was prepared and sent via diplomatic channels to the governments of Germany, USA, France and Sweden…

With respect to deadlines, we hope to receive the responses to our Requests for Information by the end of April 2011. We have some time until the autumn of this year, to summarize and analyze all proposals. Bulgarian MOD is planning to submit for approval to National Assembly in end of 2011 an Investment Project for acquisition of Multi Role Fighters. The tender process

for acquisition of Multi Role Fighters will be initiated in the spring of 2012. The delivery of the first fighters will take place in 2014-2015.

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