The Tornado F3 has been retired from RAF service. 29 мар 2011 | 16:04 views (1688) commentaries(0)
Final touchdown for the F3?

March 29: Another chapter of RAF history ended at approximately 1340hrs on March 28 as Tornado F3 ZH554/HX touched down at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire at the end of the last delivery flight to the ‘Reduce to Produce’ (RTP) facility of the ex-111(F) Squadron aircraft, following its disbandment at RAF Leuchars last week.
In company with its more decorative sisters ZE734/JU (the squadron flagship) and ZE791 in its recently applied scheme marking 25 Years of Tornado F3 operations, the three aircraft arrived using radio call sign ‘Scimitar’ and performed a fast run and break with the leader ZE734/JU landing first. The other two overshot and went around again before ZE791 performed a spectacular landing (pictured), while ZH554/HX landed in more conventional fashion a couple of minutes later.
All three aircraft were soon parked up on the pan in front of the old control tower, the doors to the RTP hangar ominously open to receive them. However, it appears that one or maybe two could be spared as there are rumours that QinetiQ at MoD Boscombe Down is seeking to use a couple of the F3s for trials work.


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