Belgian airport blocked by F-16 emergency landing 10 апр 2011 | 13:37 views (2780) commentaries(0)

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A Dutch General Dynamics/Fokker F-16AM J-640 jet fighter made an emergency landing at Belgium's Charleroi Airport on Friday, halting flights at the charter airline hub.
No one was injured, an airport spokeswoman said, but the forced landing at 10.30 a.m. (9:30 a.m. British time) scattered debris across the runway. Emergency services were also working to remove the F-16's fuel tank as its contents were toxic.
Two outbound flights, both of Ryanair, were cancelled and five incoming flights rerouted to Liege Airport. Delays were expected into the afternoon.
The Dutch Air Force said that the F-16 jet had been damaged after landing on its belly and that the pilot was unharmed.


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