Bulgaria, US Militaries Start 'Thracian Spring' Drills

Pan.bg 28 апр 2011 | 20:20 views (1156) commentaries(0)
img The joint Bulgarian-US military training "Thracian Spring 2011" began Wednesday in the Plovdiv region, the Defense Ministry announced.
The 2011 "Thracian Spring," an annual Bulgarian-American military exercise, will last from April 27 till May 5, and will be concentrated around the Plovdiv Airport and the Krumovo Air Base.
Units of the Bulgarian Army, Bulgarian Air Force and Bulgarian Navy will partner with detachments from the US forces in Europe.
The American military will take part in the joint drills with two military cargo aircraft C-130 Hercules and up to 150 servicemen.
The Bulgarian forces will be represented by one military transport plane Spartan C-27J, two Cougar AS 532AL helicopters, and up to 600 soldiers.
The 2011 Thracian Spring drills will include night and day training of parachute units, low altitude tactical flights, transportation of troops and equipment, avio-medical evacuation, rescue operations, and providing humanitarian aid supplies to population in disaster zones.
The annual "Thracian Spring" exercise is one of the prominent examples of the extensive Bulgarian-US military cooperation developed in the recent years.


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