French Fighters Take Over Baltic Air Policing Mission 29 апр 2011 | 11:02 views (1962) commentaries(0)
On the morning of April 28, the German air force concluded the Baltic airspace patrol shift it has been carrying out under the NATO air policing mission, officially handing over the duty to France.
The changing of the guard was symbolically effected at the Zokniai air base in Lithuania with a joint flyover by two German F-4F and two French Mirage 2000C fighter planes.
Since January, German fighters have made 46 training flights and six tactical response flights in order to identify unknown aircraft and maintain air traffic security. In joint training sessions, Baltic air forces' flight control crews in Lithuania and Estonia had an opportunity to polish their control tower skills.
Germany has taken on the mission to patrol Baltic airspace four times.
France will be performing the duty for the third time. Their team consists of approximately 200 personnel, including technical support staff and medical, logistics and communications officers.
NATO members have been performing the mission on a rotating basis since 2004, stationing their fighters in Lithuania.


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