French fighter jet crashes in Afghanistan 24 май 2011 | 14:25 views (999) commentaries(0)

A French fighter jet crashed in western Afghanistan on Tuesday, although the crew escaped without injury and enemy fire was not to blame, a French army spokesman said.
"A Mirage 2000-D crashed 100 kilometres (60 miles) west of Farah," French army spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Eric de Lapresle told AFP.
He excluded enemy fire as the cause of the crash, the first of a French plane during the near 10-year conflict in Afghanistan.
"The crew are in good health and have been recovered," the spokesman added.
The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, under which French forces operate in Afghanistan, also confirmed the incident.
"An ISAF aircraft crashed in western Afghanistan this morning," it said in a statement. "The crew members are uninjured and have been recovered and the crash site has been secured."
The statement added that the cause of the crash of the French-built jet was currently unknown and an investigation into what happened had been launched.
France has six fighter jets based in Afghanistan at Kandahar Airfield in the south.


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