Russia Develops ‘Anti-Satellite’ Camouflage of Su-57 Fighter Jet 05 окт 2019 | 18:08 views (597) commentaries(0)

MOSCOW, (BM) – In Russia, the testing of the latest Su-57 fighters continues, learned

As you know, a few days ago the fighter carried out a pair flight with the S-70 Okhotnik heavy attack drone, and worked out the possibility of piloting at relatively short distances in the automated (for UAV) mode.

Together with the improvement of avionics (avionics) of the Russian fighter of the 5 generation, manufacturers are also transforming camouflage used on a test vehicle.

Initially, the so-called “figured” camouflage was used at the PAK FA (future Su-57), when the fuselage is covered with images of geometric figures in the form of polygons practically over the entire plane. Along with this, the aircraft used “dimensional” camouflage when the edges of the wings and the horizontal tail were painted in a color contrasting with the rest of the surface, which created the effect of a certain visual reduction in the size of the aircraft.

Then began to be actively used “digital” (“pixel”) camouflage – also on almost all planes of the fighter.

Now there are samples where pixel camouflage is reduced to use on only one part of the fuselage. As an option, for the board with the 053 number, the “digital” camouflage was left in the middle of the Su-57. This is the same fighter that participates in the tests along with the unmanned “Hunter”.

The front and rear of the fifth generation fighter are painted in bright colors. This option is used so that in flight, the dimming circuits on the fuselage of the fighter repeat the contours of the drone, which can further mislead a potential adversary when trying to track test parameters, for example, with spy satellite optics. In this regard, camouflage may well be called “anti-satellite.”

It is clear that it will not remain characteristic for all fifth-generation fighters in the Russian Aerospace Forces.



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