US Air Force intends to use Russian Mi-24 in exercises 30 окт 2019 | 09:01 views (578) commentaries(0)

The US Air Force is looking for contractors who could provide Russian Mi-24 helicopters for exercises to counter enemy air support. This is stated in the application of the US Air Force.

An application from the U.S. Air Force Department, which RT has reviewed, indicates that the contractor must provide at least two Russian Mi-24 helicopters, as well as qualified crew, maintenance specialists, and training materials.

In addition, the performers will have to provide aircraft orientation, ground training, flight support and information support in order to “form a realistic idea of ​​the threat that helicopters pose to the 55th Davis-Monten air rescue squadron "In Arizona."

It is clarified that the Russian Mi-24 will be needed by the US Air Force from November 18 to 20 as part of the exercises "to counter enemy air support."

In March of this year, the U.S. Air Force was looking for pilots to develop skills to resist the Mi-24D helicopter.


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