Turkish firms associated with the production of F-35, want to move to Bulgaria

Pan.bg 04 яну 2020 | 16:38 views (874) commentaries(0)
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Turkish firms participating in the F-35 fighter production program want to move to Bulgaria, learned BulgarianMilitary.com. In an effort to avoid US sanctions, several Turkish firms that produce 937 parts for fifth-generation fighters are already inspecting sites in Bulgaria, according to BNR.

The Turkish economic publication Borsatek, citing sources in the firms themselves, reports that authorities in Ankara also support the possible relocation of firms to Bulgaria.

Following Turkey’s decision to acquire the Russian S-400 missile system, Washington said that Ankara could not continue to participate in the creation of the American F-35. The US gave Turkey a term for abandoning Russian missiles and threatened economic sanctions.


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