Decision of the Government on Celebration of 100th Anniversary of Bulgarian Aviation 29 юни 2011 | 22:52 views (3461) commentaries(1)
img Today Bulgarian Government adopted a special decision on celebration of 100th Anniversary of Bulgarian Aviation. The event will be marked with a scientific conference and an International air show BIAF “Sky for all”, that will take place at Plovdiv airport from 2nd to 4th of September 2011. Air and static displays from many air forces and aviation teams are planned for the Air show. Invitations for the event have been sent to France, Germany, Italy, USA, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland and some more states. The Air show will take place on 3rd (working day) and 4th of September (Saturday and Sunday) at Plovdiv airport (The 24th helicopter AF base is also co-located there). The Scientific conference “Past, Presence and Future of the Bulgarian aviation” will be held on 2nd of September.
The director of “Air Force Foundation” ,the main organizer of the BIAF air show, major-general (ret.) Manev told “Club KRILE” (“WINGS”) aviation magazine that the famous WW II Me-109 will participate and FLY.
Here are the participants for the BIAF Air show:
- Swiss AF Pilatus PC-7 Team
- Sweden - JAS 39 C/D Gripen static and dynamic display;
- Germany - C-160 Transal (static); Cassidian - EADS 1:1 mock-up of EF2000 and Ме-109 (static and dynamic display); Two EF2000 from Luftwaffe may also participate;
- Italy EF2000 Typhoon II (static display);
- Israel - F-16 static and dynamic display;
Солидно е участието на съседните на България държави:
– Romania IAR 99 SOIM (static display) and C-27J (dynamic display);
– Serbia with private demo team with Galeb G2 ;
– Greece - T6 Texan II (static display);
- Bulgaria - MiG-29, MiG-21, Su-25, AS532AL Cougar, Mi-17, C-27J Spartan, An-2PC-9М and light aviation.
Russia still to confirm participation with MiG-29 OBT.
We do hope that the weather will be with us and we expect a GREAT AVIATION FEAST!


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    Max Bryansky 03 юли 2011, 10:25

    I hope, MiG-21 will fly on September, 3rd and 4!

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