More than half of Bulgarian military aviation equipment is not combat ready 06 мар 2020 | 13:14 views (1882) commentaries(0)

SOFIA, (BM) – The Bulgarian army enters the new year with old problems – faulty equipment and lack of personnel. Despite of the statements of the political leadership and the Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov that the trends have already been reversed, the statistics remain worrying, learned citing

According to data provided by the Chief of Defense, General Andrei Botsev in front of the Bulgarian Army newspaper, 19% of the vehicles, 67% of the aviation equipment and 8% of the ships are technically defective.

At the same time, the problem of the lack of sufficient candidates for soldiers continues. Even according to official figures, about 5,000 military posts are currently vacant.

Karakachanov said last year the number of arrivals was higher than those who left, but that could not reverse the trend.

Of the 1,364 soldier posts announced last year, just over half were employed – 729, according the Karakachanov’s response to a Krasimir Yankov (BSP) parliamentary question.

What kind of aiircraft will be repaired?

Mi-17 and Mi-24 helicopters are planned to be repaired in the coming years, and integrated logistics support for MiG-29 and Cougar helicopters will be carried out. The airworthiness of Su-25 aircraft will also be restored, explained Bocev.

The government had earlier concluded a framework agreement with Russian corporation RSK MiG, which could reach BGN 100 million with VAT. The Su-25 agreement with the Belarusian company 558th Aircraft Repair Plant is also chasing a similar amount.

A L-39ZA training aircraft has a framework signed agreement. For the An-30, the conclusion of a framework agreement for repair activities is at the stage of selection and ranking of candidates for contractor.

The L-410 aircraft has a contract with CESKA LETECKA SERVISNI.

To maintain the soundness of the anti-missile and radar equipment, repair of the S-300PMU anti-missile system, repair and retrofitting of the P-37MB radar stations, as well as MSSR 2000I type radars are envisaged.

We have signed a framework agreement for integrated logistics support for AS 532 AL Cougar helicopters with Airbus Helicopters SA, the repair activities are carried out at a certified base in Romania.

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