Russia's 9 May Victory Parade (Air) continues anyway 05 май 2020 | 11:14 views (1274) commentaries(0)
Source: Scramble Magazine

Not expected, but the air part of the 9 May Victory Parade seems to continue now over Moscow (Russia). On 4 May 2020, despite low-hanging overcast, some seventy aircraft and helicopter formations were seen flying the 9 May Victory Parade rehearsal over the Red Square in Moscow. Earlier Scramble Magazine stated that the Victory Parade was postponed *). This now seems to run differently. At least for the air part.

The following formations were seen in order of appearance:

Formation one: 1x Mi-26 flanked by 4x Mi-8AMTsh
Formation two: 5x Mi-35M
Formation three: 5x Ka-52
Formation four: 5x Mi-28N

Formation five: 1x A-50 (42/Red)
Formation six: 3x Il-76MD
Formation seven: 3x Tu-95MSM
Formation eight: 1x Tu-160 flanked by 4x Tu-22M3

Formation nine: 1x Tu-160 refueling demonstration with Il-78M
Formation ten: 1x MiG-29UB, 3x MiG-29SMT
Formation eleven: 4x Su-24M
Formation twelve: 4x MiG-31DZ (With Kinzhal aeroballistic missile)

Formation thirteen: 4x Su-57
Formation fourteen: 4x Su-34, 4x Su-30SM, 2x Su-27
Formation fifteen: 4x Su-30SM (Russian Knights/Russkkiye Vityazi), 4x MiG-29UB (Swifts/Strizhi)
Formation sixteen: 6x Su-25BM/SM (Russian banner three colors)

The year 2020 sees the 75th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. Preparations for the parade, above Moscow, are now in full swing. Scramble assesses that because 2020 is a special year, President Putin has ordered that, despite the Corona crisis, the 9 May Victory Parade, at least in the air, has to go on.

Although the air display is not as big as it was 2015, there is likely a final rehearsal on 7 May. Maybe more aircraft will join

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