Bulagarian Aviation museum at Krumovo/Plovdiv reopens on 20th of May 2020

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The Aviation Museum at Krumovo reopens vor visitors on 20th of May 2020. Working hours are as usual:Wednesday – Sunday. from 9 a.m. to 5 pm.

Visitors must conform strictly to the preventive measures against the spread of the epidemic of COVID-19:

????Group visits, group guided tours and educational programmes, as well as all public events are temporarily suspended;
???? Individual and family visits of up to four family members are allowed;
???? We strongly recommend the use of POS terminals for the purchase of admission tickets or souvenirs;
???? Visitors with flu-like symptoms would not be allowed admission;
???? In the in-door exhibition spaces would be allowed only visitors with masks;
???? Visitors are required to maintain a distance of 2 meters, especially during individual guided tours and ticket control;
???? Visitors are required to observe the maximum occupancy for each gallery, communicated by the museum staff. If maximum capacity is reached, the visitors will be asked to wait outside the museum building.Aggregation in front of/in the Museum Store, the storage area, the bathroom facilities, etc. will not be permitted;
???? Use of VR head-sets or distribution of promotional materials are not permitted;
???? Visitors are advised to follow the customary museum pathway;
???? ❎Use of benches in the open-air area of the Museum is not permitted.

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