International air show BIAF 2011 in Bulgaria - 3 and 4 September in Krumovo airport 20 авг 2011 | 18:35 views (4288) commentaries(0)
The celebration of 100th Anniversary of Bulgarian Aviation starts with the International air show BIAF 2011, that will take place at Krumovo AFB/Plovdiv airport from 3nd to 4th of September 2011.
The program include Me-109, bulgarian MiG-29 and russian MiG-29 OVT and much more!

(How to get there: )
The Scientific conference “Past, Presence and Future of the Bulgarian aviation” will be held on 2nd of September at the facilities of Plovdiv airport ( ).
There will be a strong presence from many air forces and aviation teams. The show is divided into three ‘stages’:
1st stage “PAST “ includes Albatros, Kaproni, Dar-1, Laz-7 and Ме-109 aircraft.
2nd stage “Presence” (Galeb , Swiss Air Force PC 7 Team, BGR AF current enventory, etc.)
3rd stage “Future” (JAS 39 Grippen, Eurofighter Тyphoon and MiG-29OVT)

All the useful information is available on the website:


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