France to invest €330 million upgrading 218 Leclerc Main Battle Tanks 08 юли 2016 | 17:09 views (3388) commentaries(0)
France to invest €330 million upgrading 218 Leclerc Main Battle Tanks

The planned modernization work will enable Leclerc MBTs to employ its heavy, direct firepower and mobility as part of the future "SCORPION" joint tactical groups (GTIA). The contract provides for the delivery of 200 "upgraded Leclerc" tanks and 18 "Renovated DCL" recovery vehicles from 2020.
The French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) notified Nexter Systems of the Leclerc tank
renovation contract. This order constitutes the third operation launched by the French
Ministry of Defence under the SCORPION programme intended to modernise the French
Army’s contact forces.
Valued at approximately €330 million, the contract provides for the delivery of 200 “Renovated Leclerc” tanks, representing half of the current inventory, and 18 “Renovated DCL” recovery vehicles. Deliveries of the upgraded Leclerc are expected to begin in 2020.

The planned renovation work will enable the Leclerc to make the best use of its fire power and mobility within future “SCORPION” joint tactical groups (GTIA). Thanks to the development of specific interfaces for the new CONTACT tactical radio system and the
SCORPION information and command system (), it will be able to effectively network
with all components of future “SCORPION” GTIAs. Moreover, the upgrade of its protection
through the development of specific armour kits will enable the Leclerc tank to deal more
effectively with new threats, such as improvised explosive devices.

A 3rd generation tank with a high degree of automation and diagnostic assistance, the Leclerc
tank currently gives the French land forces “first entry” capability as part of an international
coalition. The renovation operation launched aims to maintain this capacity beyond 2040.Defense Upgrade
Defense Upgrade/By Tamir Eshel

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