Китайският J-20 срещу американския F-22 Raptor: Кой е по-добър?

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China’s J-20 vs American F-22 Raptor: Which One is Better?
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•20.10.2019 г.

US Military News
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China's J-20 stealth fighter, a copycat of Lockheed Martin's F-22, reportedly could be combat ready this year, but while a J-20 vs. F-22 dogfight would be lopsided in favor of the U.S., there is an important caveat.

The "F-22 would destroy it instantly" with superior stealth capabilities, radar and precision weapons, Richard Aboulafia, a Teal Group aerospace consultant, said of China's stealth fighter ambitions.

In the narrow role of air superiority – beating the best fighters the other side can offer to gain control of the sky – American F-22 Raptor could most likely beat down China’s J-20 without much trouble.


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